Fact: Most people believe there are only two species of cannabis plants: Indica and Sativa. Mr. Nugget Delivers also offer hybrid strains that combine effects from both.

Sativa is a tall plant with narrow leaves that is widely believed to produce a cerebral, psychoactive effect, while Indica is typically shorter with wide leaves. The latter has more of a reputation for relaxing, sedate feelings for users — a “sleepy” rather than “upbeat” high.Trusted Source

However there’s no official research into the Sativa vs. Indica effects. Also even if this Sativa vs. Indica effect difference was indeed true, there’s still no credible agency that is certifying what is sativa and what is Indica.

Plus everyone processes THC differently, and one person’s “buzzy and creative” might be anothers “chilled out.”

Despite the encouraging words of the budtenders, it can be tough to predict the exact reaction you’ll have to a particular strain. Researchers are continuing to explore the differences between them, including the levels of THC and CBD each contain.